Dr. Erica Meiners – For the Children?

A Way Home Peterborough hears from Dr. Erica Meiners

AWHP staff had the opportunity to hear Dr. Meiners speak about childhood, innocence & the uneven application of the justice system in the U.S on April 19th, 2018 thanks to the Trent Centre for Teaching & Learning.

“Childhood has never been available to all”

Dr. Meiners complicates the traditional understandings of childhood and what that entails by questioning which young people actually have access to their childhood. Further, she highlighted the tenuous relationship the concept of innocence has when we are talking about children. The focus of this work is to highlight that conceptions of childhood continue to be used to build up a racialized US prison nation. You can read more about it in her new novel For the Children? Protecting Innocence in a Carceral State.

Visit Dr. Meiners Research to learn more about Childhood, Innocence & the Justice system. 

Dr. Meiners is Professor of Education and Women’s and Gender Studies at Northeastern Illinois University.