Municipal Candidate Questions

Housing is a key area of interest in the upcoming municipal election. Candidates are out canvassing the streets to hear what you have to say, and sometimes it helps to have some questions of your own ready for them!

Our Youth Engagement Facilitators have come up with a short list of questions to ask candidates so we can better understand their position on housing and youth homelessness in Nogojiwanong/Peterborough – and you can ask them too!

1. With Peterborough experiencing nearly a 1% vacancy, what would you tell youth experiencing homelessness today how you plan to address the housing crisis in our community?

2. Specifically, would you support the following actions to foster affordable housing and prevent homelessness: (Check all that you support, leaving the box blank indicates you do not support the action)
* A review of all municipal policies to assess how they support or are barriers to the development of affordable housing (parking, minimum floor areas, and other by-laws)
*Increases in municipal funding towards rent supplements
*Increases in municipal funding towards affordable housing development
*A review of municipally-owned properties to assess their possible use for affordable housing (development).
A policy that future municipal infrastructure projects assess the opportunity to include affordable residential units
*Prioritization of youth in programs and funding to promote housing stability, to prevent adult homelessness (58% of homeless individuals surveyed in this year’s Point in Time Count were homeless before their 25th birthday

3. How would you support youth employment skill building programs in Peterborough, specifically for youth experiencing homelessness and youth experiencing poverty?

4. In the past two years, AWHP has engaged almost 100 youth between the ages of 16 and 24. We’ve heard consistently that a sense of safety and belonging is out of reach for marginalized youth in our community. How will you address this?

5. How would you address the needs of black youth, Indigenous youth, LGBTQ2+ youth and other marginalized youth (youth experiencing homeless & poverty) in our community?

6. How can you ensure that you will follow through on the promises you make during this municipal campaign? What actions will you take?

Be prepared when candidates from your ward knock on your door – ask them these questions to let them know you care about housing and homeless youth in our community! If you get a note worthy response feel free to share it with us on social media @awayhomeptbo or email us at