Our Values

A Way Home Peterborough’s core values are an inclusive, youth-centered approach to addressing youth homelessness whose growth is guided by community collaboration. Some tenets that inform our core values are:

  • Every person has a basic right to safe, secure, stable housing without condition, and with the supports needed to sustain it
  • Youth will be included in establishing policies, processes, services, and strategies that affect them
  • Focus on prevention activities, housing, and supports with the aim to use appropriate emergency response only when necessary
  • Striving for excellence by drawing from evidence-based practice and on-going learning to guide our approach
  • Creating an inclusive response to youth homelessness by engaging all youth serving agencies, government agencies, community members, the private sector, and representation from local businesses and corporations in strategic, solution-focused planning and information sharing
  • Gaining an understanding of the present day relationships between colonialism and youth homelessness and identify decolonizing strategies based in Indigenous approaches and engagement of Indigenous leaders, agencies, youth, elders, and community members