Community Voice

Spoken Word Poems: Peterborough Youth


(Image from AWHP SPARK 2018 Photo Festival)

Depression can affect anyone,
Some worse than others,
When it come, some use pain to drown out the feelings and thoughts,
Suicide does not change how much the pain is there.
-Peterborough Youth 2018

My Heart and Soul

(Stock Photo) 

My soul is drowning in sorrow
When you’re beyond my reach,
Something’s always missing
When I’m without you,

My cause,
My heart,
Me, with everything I am
– Peterborough Youth 2018


(Image from AWHP SPARK 2018 Photo Festival)

I feel for others
No one bothers
To live for the important things
Never give up
– Peterborough Youth 2018

Lonely Christmas

(Image from AWHP SPARK 2018 Photo Festival)

Softly stepping down the stairs
As if there were anyone else who could be upstairs
The luminescent glow of those Christmas lights,
Keep me warm during these lonely times
It’s as if the emptiness can only be filled with false hope
For a family or just one person to care about the lights like me.
Why is every Christmas so lonely?
Peterborough Youth 2018